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Mechanical Drafting

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•  Mechanical Drafting

Nexus Engineering offers mechanical engineering and design services. We provide the quality resources you need, exactly when you need them. Our unique approach allows us to work alongside as an extension of your team, while utilizing your industry standards and codes. We offer engineering design in the following industries: commercial food services, imprinting and the manufacturing industry.

Our engineering services include: conceptual design, product design, reverse engineering, mechanical drafting, 2D to 3D drawing conversion, 3D part modeling, 3D advanced assembly modeling, 3D rendering, aluminum casting design, sheet metal design, and prototyping.

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 Commercial Food Service

Imprinting Industry 

Designing of Commercial Cooking

equipment for the food industry.

Designing Heat Transfer technology for the

imprinting industry.


Evaluate existing designs to find ways

to reduce manufacturing cost.

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