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Casting design

Castings are a process whereby parts are produced by pouring molten metal such as aluminum, iron, and stainless steel into a mold. Casting process for metals can be classified by either the type of mold, pattern, the pressure or force used to fill the mold. Conventional sand, shell, and plaster molds use a permanent pattern, but the mold is used only once. Permanent molds and die-castings dies are machined in metal or graphite sections and are employed for many castings.


When designing a new cast parts, our engineering group understands fully the job constraints and therefore work closely with our customers and vendors to design the perfect cast part. Whether it’s a sand cast, die cast or permanent mold part, our engineers understand the different process for each casting. Our professional relationship with some foundries in Orange and L.A County affords us the opportunity of working closely with their engineers in other to accomplish your goals.

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